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So What is The Waiting Game Franchise Opportunity

I get a lot of people that ask, what is The WAITING GAME? The WAITING GAME is a new franchise, and a low cost franchise, that allows people to work from home. What is better than a work from home business you ask? Don’t be confused, this advertising franchise is not something where you sit in your lounge chair, kick back, and watch the money roll in. This work from home franchise is designed for people with experience and interest in advertising sales and has you working directly with local businesses in your community; and, unless these people are coming to you, you will be spending time away from home out in the community. But this time, it is on your schedule. This flexibility that so many desire is not always easy to obtain. This low cost franchise means you don’t have to book that meeting at 10:30am on the day of your daughter’s school concert, or you are not travelling and missing kids softball games or dance recitals. That is the joy of business ownership and this advertising franchise. Some people ask, is it like a Coffee News Franchise? The Coffee News franchise has built a solid foundation and has proven over the years to be a credible advertising franchise. Many describe The WAITING GAME as slightly similar to Coffee News but on steroids. Times change and business landscapes change. A canoe can get you across water, but wouldn’t you choose a yacht? With The WAITING GAME offering full color, interactive , incentive based print, online, and mobile solutions to local businesses, we are set to adapt and evolve with the ever changing needs of the business owner and consumer. Click here to request more info on franchising.

Bill Zapf-President


Named a Top Low Cost Franchise By Entrepreneur Magazine