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Why the franchise model works so well for first time business owners

Why the franchise model works so well for first time business owners

Starting a new business from scratch can be one of the more difficult things you ever undertake in your life.

In fact, according to research published by the Small Business Administration, nearly 80% of all small businesses will fold up shop for good before their fifth anniversary. There are any different number of reasons why so many people struggle to start their own successful small business, but almost all of them are addressed when you decide to take advantage of the perfect home-based franchise opportunity like The Waiting Game.

How would you like to hit the ground running?

When you choose the right franchise, you’re able to “shortcut” the small business startup process dramatically – literally hitting the ground running.

You’re not going to have to worry about doing a tremendous amount of market research, trying to figure out what business model to move forward with, or create products and services that people are willing to pay for – all of the “heavy lifting” has been done for you. This is especially true when you are selecting some of the best franchise opportunities in Florida (like Coffee News and The Waiting Game) – picture-perfect low cost franchise opportunities that can transform your financial future in a hurry.

You’ll get all the business training you need from successful entrepreneurs – as well as dedicated support

Another reason why it makes so much sense to take advantage of a home-based franchise opportunity like The Waiting Game is because it you’ll be able to start your own business with help from successful entrepreneurs that know exactly what they’re doing.

As a franchise owner, you won’t be “thrown to the wolves”, so to speak – instead you’ll receive all of the training and resources necessary to become a fantastic success. This is an edge and advantage that you simply will not find anywhere else.

Why you should choose The Waiting Game as your home-based franchise opportunity

Though you are going to find any different number of c (and even some higher-priced ), you would be hard-pressed to find any that could rival the big benefits that The Waiting Game provide.

Not only will you have a complete and total “business in a box” type solution here, but shall also have access to a dedicated network of experts and other franchise owners like yourself that can guide you moving forward. These resources are unparalleled, and will allow you to create the financial future (and successful business) you’ve always dreamed of!

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