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Looking for advertising that engages consumers?

It allows franchisees opportunities to spend their advertising dollars wisely, attracting more revenue and potentially more clientele with franchise opportunities in Florida. It targets consumers within their local area, eliminating the need to spend limited resources outside that area and reaching customers. According to Rob Parfitt, co-founder of The Waiting Game, "These are the consumers everyone wants to reach, and we have created a business model that reaches them at a comparatively low cost for our advertisers."

Business owners will benefit from using The Waiting Game, saving both time and money. With time especially being such a valuable commodity for a business owner, everything is neatly packaged and priced. And with affordability being a top concern for The Waiting Game, it's available to even the smallest of businesses.

Ideal candidates for The Waiting Games publications low cost franchise opportunities should posess a desire to join a trusted brand, work within a proven franchise system, develop relationships with local businesses and have a comfort level with selling. Franchisees can get started for under $10,000. Waiting Game franchisees benefit from extensive on on one training and support.

Named a Top Low Cost Franchise By Entrepreneur Magazine