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What's new in Raleigh, NC?

Waiting Game entrepreneur Aaron Dworksy has just signed the deal to bring The Waiting Game to North Carolina. “I’m looking forward to bringing The Waiting Game and all that it offers to Charlotte,” said Dworsky. “The Waiting Game already has several editions in the state. I’m excited to be bringing it to my community.”
The couponing industry is growing rapidly and coupon usage is expected to grow by 150 percent. And with The Waiting Game franchise opportunity, you won’t simply have coupons consumers throw away.Consumers are embracing coupon usage increasingly.
In today’s economy, many local businesses are experiencing diminished revenues, and as a result, have limited spending available for advertising resources. The Waiting Game is just what they need to attract new customers with the potential for repeat business, without needless spending to reach consumers outside their geographic area. The Waiting Game connects consumers with businesses relevant to them.
Ideal candidates for Waiting Game Publications low cost franchise opportunities should possess a desire to join a trusted brand, work within a proven franchise system, develop relationships with local
businesses and have a comfort level with selling. Franchisees can get started for under $10,000. Waiting Game franchisees benefit from extensive one on one training and support.

Named a Top Low Cost Franchise By Entrepreneur Magazine