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Information Regarding The Waiting Game

Q: What is The WAITING GAME?

A: The WAITING GAME® is a FREE, full color, interactive, incentive-based publication that can be seen 365 days a year. It is published monthly and distributed anywhere consumers experience wait times– doctors' offices, dentists' offices, urgent cares, local schools, hotels, senior centers, clubs, martial arts centers, gymnastic clubs, car washes, dance studio's and many more. The goal of The WAITING GAME® is to entertain and engage consumers while providing valuable incentives to visit local businesses. We strive to maximize enjoyment for our readers and exposure for our advertisers through cost effective print, online, and mobile solutions. TWG was developed as a cost effective, targeted marketing tool for small business owners to effectively spend what dollars they have, in their target market (the 3-5 mile radius from which most businesses generate 80% of their customers). TWG has evolved to be a great tool for businesses of all sizes that rely on local customers. It can be the only advertising tool for some businesses or used as a supplement to an advertising program. Consumers spend an average of 45 minutes interacting with TWG and they almost always take it with them.

Q: Do I need sales experience?

A: Although sales experience is helpful, it is not essential. The most important prerequisites for owning a WAITING GAME franchise are a strong desire to own your own business, to succeed, and the desire to help and work with, and communicate with local businesses. . Our training program and operations manual thoroughly cover the sales and marketing techniques.

Q: Will I need to hire employees?

A: One of the great things about our business is that you do not need to hire, manage, and pay employees. One franchisee could operate 3-4 editions on their own but those who wish to establish more than 4 editions will most likely want to consider using independent contractors for sales and/or distribution.

Q: How is the economy affecting your business?

A: The concept was developed as a cost effective, targeted, hyper-local marketing tool for the small business owner who has limited advertising funds. The current economic climate has made it even more important for businesses to find cost effective advertising. TWG was conceptually designed FOR a struggling economy and can only benefit from an economic recovery. There will ALWAYS be a need for cost effective advertising and marketing.

Q: How many ads do I have to sell to fill up one publication?

A: TWG is an exclusive publication. There are only 36 spots available on each publication (18 inside ads and 18 outside ads). TWG does not offer inserts or add pages, thus ensuring that each of the 36 advertisers is getting maximum exposure.

Q: My advertising client will go in how many waiting rooms and for how long?

A: Each advertiser is one of 36 in the publication and TWG can be found in 100+ waiting areas within each target market. There is a new edition every month and advertisers are visible 365 days a year. Each ad is also placed online on The WAITING GAME website where it can be downloaded, printed, or shared through social media. All ads or offers can be changed monthly.

Q: How are the publications displayed?

A: The WAITING GAME is displayed in branded racks that hold multiple copies and keep the waiting area neat and tidy, with the franchisee's contact information available for consumers and advertisers.

Q: Do I need to create ads or find a printer?

A: TWG makes it so that you can focus your efforts on the sale of your advertising spots. We do ALL production of the publication, including ad creation, graphic design, content, printing, and shipping. Each month the new edition of the publication arrives at your door ready for distribution.

Q: How big is my territory and how is it defined?

A: We use a number of demographic indicators to determine territories (population, population density, number of homes, number of businesses); however, we also work closely with the potential franchisee, familiar with the area, to determine the best way to structure the territory. The general rule of thumb is that an area with a population of about 50,000 will have enough businesses to support that population and, therefore, an edition of The WAITING GAME.

Q: What are the benefits to the waiting room?

A: TWG is free to offices and businesses with a waiting area and allows that office or business to provide an entertaining diversion to their customers, patients, or clients. The clients, customers, or patients are provided something to occupy their time while they wait and the publication is displayed in a small rack and does not have inserts or multiple pages so does not mess up the waiting area. People love it! Both consumers and businesses who carry TWG like that they are supporting neighboring and local businesses.

Q: Why should I invest in a franchise?

A: Franchises have a 90% success rate. TWG has a proven system, with people who have lived it and who have already encountered the same issues that you will. We do all the back-end production work for you so that you can focus your efforts on sales. Our franchise system allows you to keep your fixed costs down thereby increasing your profitability. You will have the support of other franchisees that are doing the same things as you are and you will have a team that is constantly working to improve the system and to increase profitability for its franchisees.

Q: Tell me about your training and support?

A: Whether you are diving in full time or slowly transitioning from another job The Waiting Game makes it easy for anyone to get started by providing an online training program that makes it possible for you to train at your own pace in your available time. You also work one on one with a trainer from our corporate office as you progress through the online modules. Each franchisee is provided a 150+ page operations manual designed to be a self-teaching tool and that takes you step-by-step through your business procedures. In addition, each franchisee is provided access to our Franchisee-Only Intranet, which provides a forum for franchisees to communicate, as well as access all forms, updates, documents, and online refresher training modules.

Q: Is there more training I can take?

A: As a Waiting Game franchisee you will have access to multiple sales training seminars for you to participate and listen to on your own time. These seminars are available 24 hours a day and are presented by some of the top sales trainers in the country. We also hold a training webinar once a month where we address a certain seminar and how it relates to our business. You can always attend an in-person in the field training at a later date, which provides you with the opportunity to interact with the entire WAITING GAME team.

Hear from our Franchisees

"Within nine months I have my three areas completely sold out and am making enough money for my wife to stay at home. I'm working under 40 hours a week. Talk about flexibility."

Paul Mastella

"The ongoing support from the franchisor as well as fellow Franchisees is wonderful. Anytime we have a question we can either email or call and someone is always available to help us."

Del & Ilene Aitchison

"I love the quality, the simplicity, and the fact that there are generally no competitors. It is extremely unique and there is nothing like it. There is great value in its distribution. It is a huge selling point and benefit to advertisers that they will be the only business in their category. We are very selective and unique."

Christy Dyer

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