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Why own a WAITING GAME® Franchise?

Home Based

"Whether it's to spend more time with the family or simply to have a greater freedom and flexibility, more and more people are seeking to run businesses from their homes. That trend, combined with today's technology, has led to a retro boom of sorts - the nation that was based on home-based businesses is coming full circle. - Entrepreneur Magazine - Be Your Own Boss"

The WAITING GAME® is 100% home-based. The concept was developed by a group of people that wanted to earn a great income while having the flexibility of being their own boss, spending time with their families, and the pride of business ownership.

Low Start-Up Costs

"The hardest part about getting into business is the startup capital that you need. Most businesses require a high initial investment that keeps many starting entrepreneurs from being able to get into business in the first place. But, the truly ingenious business ideas are the ones that allow for low startup costs and high potential income. - Rivky Shimon"

The WAITING GAME's low franchise fee and start-up costs are a fraction of most franchise opportunities and could be financed by using a credit card, as opposed to obtaining a bank or small business loan, which have become more and more difficult to obtain. Most WAITING GAME franchisees experience a positive cash flow from the start and the payback on their initial investment is typically covered in a matter of months, as opposed to the years it generally takes to recoup the initial investment of most franchises.

Low Overhead

"Usually the key to being financially healthy is to stay as lean as you possibly can. The idea is to keep those recurring monthly expenses down as low as you possibly can! - Stephen Nicholls, All Business"

The WAITING GAME® is a home-based business without high fixed expenses. There are no monthly lease fees, utility costs or other high costs that come with leasing space. There are no inventory costs that need to be carried and no employees that need to be paid. Most people already have a phone and a computer so no additional expenses are necessary. Consult your tax professional to learn about write-offs and additional tax savings involved in operating your own home-based business.

Recession Proof

The WAITING GAME® was created and thrived during one of the worst economies in history. There will ALWAYS be a need for cost effective advertising.

Great Income

The WAITING GAME® can be profitable form the start. Whether you choose to publish 1 Edition (part-time) or 4 Editions you can earn the executive income you desire.

Full Support and Training

Whether you are diving in full time or slowly transitioning from another job The WAITING GAME® makes it easy for anyone to get started by providing an online training program that makes it possible for you to train at your own pace in your available time. You also work one on one with a trainor from our corporate office as you progress through the online modules. During this initial training, franchisees become familiar with the Franchisee-Only Intranet, which provides all necessary resources for running your business as well as additional training modules, discussion boards, and ongoing support. After the initial training, franchisees receive continuing education and support for the continued growth and development of their business.

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Are you looking to make a great income, while having the flexibility of a home-based business, and have an interest in sales or publishing? If yes, then The WAITING GAME® is for you!

A franchise of The WAITING GAME® can help you achieve many of your personal goals. We give you the freedom to run your own business, but with a supportive community of people doing the same thing, a proven business model and a trademarked name. We allow you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Named a Top Low Cost Franchise By Entrepreneur Magazine

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Why Own A Waiting Game® Franchise?

  • Home Based - Giving You A Flexible Lifestyle
  • Low Cost Investment - Less Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Cashflow Positive Day 1 - Financial Independence

Franchised 500 Ranked - 2014